Antique Cake Stands

Are you looking for a great way to set your cake display apart in people’s memories? Try an antique cake stand! The addition of height to the buffet table will create drama, and the distinction of a decorative antique will lend an air of elegance to any occasion.

An antique cake stand is particularly special and meaningful if it has been handed down within your family. But if you weren’t lucky enough to get one this way you may consider trying to find one that is like your grandmother’s so it still has a special meaning for you. A cake stand from the same time period with the same design can still trigger fond memories.

Types of Antique Cake Stands

Antique cake stands were typically made of several materials:

  • Glass – This is the most common material for displays of this time. Many antique glass cake stands are elaborately etched – some are frosted. You can also find some in milk glass.
  • Silver – While possible to find, antique silver cake stands are relatively rare and tend to be more expensive than other types. Silver will need to be cared for and polished on a regular basis. You can make a paste of baking soda and water and use it as a polish. For long term storage, place the silver in a soft bag with a large piece of chalk or purchase anti-tarnish strips.
  • Iron – While iron is the least common material, some of the taller floor antique cake stands sport wrought iron for the base with a decorative glass tray or dome at the top.
  • Ceramic – Newer antique cake stands can be found in a variety of ceramic patterns and colors. Many ceramic cake stands are painted and can be quite elaborate.

Shopping for Antique Cake Stands

There are a number of places to look when you begin your search for the perfect stand. Whether you’re looking for antique tiered cake stands or antique pedestal cake stands, you’ll have the best luck in the following places:

Antique Cake Stand

Antique Cake Stand

  • Antique stores – Many unique cake stands can be found (often at a good price) at antique stores or antique malls. Since inventory changes often, it’s a good idea to make frequent visits. In antique malls in particular, cake stands are often used to display other merchandise so be sure to look under other things as you browse.
  • Online auction sites like eBay – You can find a good selection of unique cake stands on eBay and similar websites. Also search for the term ‘salver’ in addition to cake stand for best results. The benefits to shopping online are that you can quickly see a good assortment of them all in one place without making multiple trips. The drawback is that it can be difficult to determine condition without seeing them in person and these pieces are notorious for breaking during shipping. If you do buy online, be sure to ask the seller to carefully pack the cake stand so that the entire plate portion of the stand is supported.
  • Estate sales – You can find a lot of antique items at estate sales including antique cake stands. Look in your local paper or online to find these types of sales or auctions.

Antique cake stands are a beautiful and elegant way to display any cake. Don’t reserve the use of one just for special occasions – or for cakes. Cookies, dessert bars and other sweets can be attractively displayed on them as well. As you begin to shop, you may find that you need more than one antique cake stand!