Modern Cake Stands

If you are planning an event that will have a contemporary theme you may want to look at modern cake stands that will fit the event. Using the right cake stand can really enhance your display and make the dessert truly memorable.

The beauty of modern stands is that their often simple design is a good fit for a number of uses. Since the design often isn’t as intricate this type of display can be used in a number of ways either as a cupcake stand, an attractive appetizer tray or as a cake stand.

By using simple, clean lines modern stands don’t overpower the displayed dessert with too much detail; instead they showcase the beautiful design of the decorated cake. Continue reading

Pedestal Cake Stands

A pedestal cake stand is a wonderful accessory to have on hand. Not only do they offer an elegant way to display a beautifully decorated cake, but they can be used to display other things on your table as well. In this guide we’ll give a brief history of cake stands as well as some tips on how to use them and the types of you can expect to find from floating to pedestal cake stands.

In addition to using a pedestal cake stand to hold a beautifully decorated cake, you can also use it in a number of other ways: Continue reading

Unique Cake Stands

Finding the right way to display your dessert is an important part of presenting a decorated cake. Unique cake stands do more than hold a cake – they can set the tone for an entire event.

One of the reasons cake stands have stood the test of time is because of the elegance they lend to any occasion. From a design point of view having your food displayed on several levels helps to create drama and is visually pleasing to the eye. Additionally, unique stands can help set the mood for your event. Weddings in particular can Continue reading