Antique Cake Stands

Using a cake stand is a great way to display a decorated or featured cake, but some of them are very generic. If you want something more distinct or meaningful consider using an antique cake stand, which can be especially fun if the dessert is for a family gathering.

An antique stand can be especially meaningful if it was handed down from your grandmother or great grandmother. If you don’t have one that was handed down from a family member, you may consider finding one that was from the same time period so you can still some sort of personal connection to it. There are a few places to find these cake stands if you weren’t lucky enough to get one as a family heirloom. Continue reading

Cake Stands

When you have a beautifully decorated cake, why present it with a boring, mediocre stand? One might think selecting the right display would be a simple task. This isn’t the case anymore. Cake stands are an industry in themselves, from spectacular wedding cake stands to elegant yet simple cake stands for your home.

As wedding planners and party manager will confirm, the display piece can play a pivotal role in both the presentation and arrangement this important dessert at any ceremony. It should compliment the style and theme of the event and match its accompanying decorations. At some point in the event, the cake will become the centerpiece of the ceremony or reception. And at that critical point in time, the display and the way it compliments the cake and the ambiance of the occasion will take center stage. Continue reading