Pedestal Cake Stands

A pedestal cake stand is a wonderful accessory to have on hand. Not only are pedestal cake stands an elegant way to display a beautifully decorated cake, but they can be used to display other things on your table as well. If you choose a pedestal cake stand with cover you can also store your sweet treat while keeping it in an attractive display.

In this guide we’ll give a brief history of cake stands as well as some tips on how to use them in unexpected ways and the types of pedestal cake stands you can expect to find.

The History of Cake Stands

Tiered Pedestal Stands

Tiered Pedestal Cake Stands

The original type of stand was called a salvar. The word salvar comes from the Latin term salvare which means “to save”. The first mention of a stand to hold food was back in the 17th century when servants would taste the food (to check for poison) and then would present the tested food to the master of the house and his family and guests. The tray that it was presented on was called a salvar and was the grandfather to the cake stands we use today.

Many decorative and tiered cake stands can be found by including the term salvar when you do your online search.

Ways to Use Pedestal Cake Stands

In addition to using this simple, but elegant display to hold a beautifully decorated cake, you can also use a cake pedestal in a number of other ways:

  • Floral Centerpieces – This can provide a wonderful way to present a beautiful floral centerpiece. Consider using more than one stand on your next buffet table. One in the center with an amazing centerpiece and the others to display various food items.
  • Appetizers – if you arrange your table in order of courses, appetizers can be beautifully displayed at one end with one or more cake stands of varying heights.
  • Cupcakes – Pedestal cake stands are not just for traditional cakes; they can also work as a cupcake stand for displaying decorated cupcakes.
  • Other Desserts – Pedestal cake plates can also work well as pie stands, cheesecake stands or to display other desserts like cut brownies, homemade candies, chocolate covered strawberries or a number of other desserts you may want to display.

Types of Pedestal Cake Stands

Pedestal Cake Stands with Cover

Pedestal Cake Stands with Cover

There are many different types of pedestal cake stands. Whether you’re looking for an antique cake stand or a ceramic painted stand, you have a great chance of finding what you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the common and unique cake stands you can expect to find:

  • Floor cake stands: These stands are designed much like a floor lamp or coat rack, but instead end in a decorative pedestal cake stand.
  • Covered cake stands: Beautiful and functional, displays with a dome cover will display your cakes as well as help to keep them fresh. These types of cake pedestals are typically glass, but you can occasionally find silver stands with glass domes as well.
  • Square cake stands: While the vast majority of pedestal cake stands are round, you can find a few that are square in shape. A set of square pedestal cake stands of varying heights can make an extremely impressive display. This can be a good option if you are looking for a modern cake stand.

Pedestal cake stands can be a wonderful addition to any banquet or buffet table. Even an ordinary cake becomes something special when placed on a decorative cake stand. Use a cake stand at your next event and see what a difference it makes in terms of elegance and style. They are also a great choice for home use, especially when you have a covered pedestal cake stand. Covered pedestal cake stands provide an attractive yet functional way to display and store your cakes.