Unique Cake Stands

Finding the right way to display your dessert is an important part of presenting a decorated cake. Unique cake stands do more than hold a cake – they can set the tone for an entire event.

One of the reasons cake stands have stood the test of time is because of the elegance they lend to any occasion. From a design point of view having your food displayed on several levels helps to create drama and is visually pleasing to the eye. Additionally, unique stands can help set the mood for your event. Weddings in particular can […]

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Cake Stands Online

Cake stands are a must have if you want to dive into the world of cake decorating. Cake stands are an important part of the way you display your cake, they may even add to the theme or style of our cake. But they also serve a valuable purpose in helping you decorate the cake.

Rotating cake stands can be quite helpful when decorating cakes, especially tiered wedding cakes. To take it a step further you may be interesting in learning more about a stand with an electric revolving turntable.

Whether you prefer a glass pedestal cake stand or a tired cake stand, this necessary display piece is an important part of cake decorating because it can help to make your cake a center piece while it can also help make it easier […]

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Cake Stands

by Jennifer

When you have a beautifully decorated cake, why present it with a boring, mediocre stand? One might think selecting the right display would be a simple task. This isn’t the case anymore. Cake stands are an industry in themselves, from spectacular wedding cake stands to elegant yet simple cake stands for your home.

As wedding planners and party manager will confirm, the display piece can play a pivotal role in both the presentation and arrangement this important dessert at any ceremony. It should compliment the style and theme of the event and match its accompanying decorations. At some point in the event, the cake will become the centerpiece of the ceremony or reception. And at that critical point in time, the display and the way it compliments the cake and the ambiance of the occasion will take center stage. […]

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