Modern Cake Stands

Anyone planning a contemporary-themed event that will feature a cake may want to look at a few modern cake stands. Finding just the right modern cake stand can enhance the presentation of this dessert and help to make it a memorable part of the event. This can be especially important for certain events, like weddings.

The beauty of many modern cake stands, besides their natural beauty, is that they can also be used for other types of desserts or food items, like appetizers. They can also be used as an artful display for non-food items with the help of a little creativity.

Presentation Is Key

Don’t underestimate the value of cake stands. Choosing the right one to fit the cake itself, the style of the event and to create the look you want can make all the difference. In some cases you want a dramatic display that either stands out or helps accent the design of the cake; but in some cases you want something that blends and is almost unnoticeable as it supports the displayed dessert. There are some great modern styles that can fulfill either of these needs.

The Design of Modern Cake Stands

Modern cake stands can come in a few different styles, for instance pedestal, floating, group arranged or tiered cake stands. Unlike antique cake stands that often have etched glass, contoured edging and more intricate designs including hand painting, modern cake stands focus more on clean, straight lines and in some cases solid, bold colors or even black. Simple square cake stands are often a good example of a modern display, however you can also find round stands with a very modern design.

Cupcake stands and dessert towers are other modern forms of dessert displays that are becoming increasingly popular as people pay more attention to presentation at their events and parties. The increasing popularity of cupcake towers at weddings and other events has also created innovative ways to display these mini-cake creations.

Acrylic cake stands are another popular form of modern displays. An acrylic cake stand has a clean, simple look that allows you to focus the attention on the cake itself instead of the stand.

Cake Riser

Cake Riser

Modern wedding cake stands are often simple and they blend seamlessly with the cake itself, allowing it to be the focal point. Another attractive design of modern cake stands for weddings is a square cake riser. Cake risers provide a great way to make smaller cakes look larger. They are essentially a large, box-shaped square cake stand (in some cases round) that can be colored or decorated to match a theme providing a beautiful way to support and display a layered wedding cake. Rise The Cake makes some very attractive and distinct wedding cake risers. This can be a good option if you’re looking for custom, or unique cake stands.

The Functionality of Modern Cake Stands

In some cases modern cake stands can refer to the functionality instead of the design of it. Some newer cake pedestals have innovative features or designs that help provide additional functionality. Rotating cake stands can make frosting and decorating the cake easier. You can also find a pedestal cake stand with a dome cover that can double as a salad bowl, appetizer tray or chip and dip server, which can be handy if you are short on space. Or a cake stand that also works as a cake carrier, so you can easily transport and display your creation. These other styles can really come in handy, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.
Whether you are looking for a contemporary design or a multi-functional stand, a modern cake stand may be just the right fit. When shopping for modern cake stands just remember the decorated cake is a focal point, make sure the stand enhances your featured dessert and doesn’t overpower the design of it.