Cupcake Stands

Cupcakes by nature are fun and festive, and with the right cupcake stand these mini cakes can really set the tone for your event.

When shopping for the type of cupcake stand for your needs, there are a few questions you should ask to be sure you’ll find just the right way to display your little creations. In some cases using a regular cake stand may be best, but in other cases using specialized cupcake stands may be best.

Individual Cakes or Part of a Whole?

There are many ways to present these individual-sized desserts. There are cake decorating books on the market that explain in detail how to create miniature works of art on top of a simple cupcake. If you plan on creating individual mini cakes, each with their own unique decoration, then you should go with a cupcake cake stand or a dessert tower that will help set off each one.

If you plan on placing several of them together, then icing and decorating them as if they were one cake, then a modern cake stand may be the best bet. With one of the larger modern cake stands you will be able to fit a larger number of cupcakes and can create a truly memorable decorated centerpiece. Wedding cake stands and tiered cake stands can also work well depending on the type of display you’re planning.

Types Of Cupcake Stands

Finding the right way to display these treats can make all the difference with your presentation. Here are a few popular options:

  • Tiered Cupcake Stands – There are a variety of designs of tiered stands, the most common of which are the 3, 4 or 5 tier cupcake stands. Most are actually tiered in one way or another, but the tiers can be presented very differently depending on the design of the stand. If you are looking for something distinct you might consider something like a cupcake tree stand with branches and layers that provide an elegant, but natural look. Small metal cupcake stands can be a great choice for a birthday party or other festive event, while tiered large cupcake stands are better for larger events or a more impressive display.
  • Dessert Towers – The nice thing about a dessert tower is that it is multifunctional. A dessert tower is comprised of several layers that get increasingly smaller as they get higher. You can use them to create a cupcake tower or you can use them to display other things like cut fruit, homemade candies, appetizers or a variety of other things.
  • Cardboard Cupcake Stands – A cardboard cupcake stand can be a good choice if you need cheap cake stands for a single use, or if you are looking for large cupcake stands for weddings. They can be covered and decorated in a variety of ways to match the color or theme of any occasion.
  • Acrylic Cupcake Stands – You can find an acrylic cupcake stand in a number of sizes and shapes from small to large, square to round. Most acrylic cake stands are clear making the focus your dessert, not the stand, however you can find white and colored versions. The nice thing about this option is it can also provide other uses and should be fairly durable.
  • Round & Square Cupcake Stands – Round cupcake stands typically offer a more traditional look, while a square cupcake stand can provide more of a modern or contemporary look.

Cupcake Stands For Weddings

Cupcake Tower

Cupcake Tower

Because more people are choosing wedding cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake you can find a variety of styles of wedding cupcake stands whether you’re looking for something elegant, whimsical or modern.

By choosing the right stand and layout you can even create a look that is similar to a traditional tiered wedding cake. Using large, decorated, tiered square or round stands you can create a cupcake tower that looks like a tiered cake from a distance; cake risers work well for this also. Cupcake towers are becoming increasingly popular and they can range from simple to elegant designs depending on what fits the style of the wedding and budget. One of the keys to the presentation is choosing the right stand and in many cases decorating it to fit the colors and theme of the event.

Cupcake Stands That Have Multiple Uses

Consider how often you plan on putting together an event where cupcakes will be center stage. If you tend to host lots of parties and you love making and decorating them, it may be a good idea to invest in a few cupcake stands in different designs. However, if you’re looking for a display for a single event, you may want to consider buying a wedding cake stand, a dessert tower or a tiered cake stand that can do double duty. Grouped arrangement cake stands can also work well for cupcakes. Keep in mind that cake stands of any type can always be used to display other items such as flowers, fruits or appetizers. When you consider the multiple ways that they can be used, it’s easier to make the initial investment.

At Home or on the Go

There are a few cupcake transporters that also serve as informal cupcake stands. If you frequently need to bring cupcakes to school, scouts or other events, then something that also serves as a covered transportation device, like a cupcake carrying case, will make a big difference in the ease in transport, not to mention the cleanliness of your vehicle. While this type is not as elegant as others, they do help keep the cupcakes fresh.

Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate just about anything. With the right cupcake stand you can really set the stage for a fun event that everyone will remember.